Navigating Financial Success Together

Navigating Financial
Success Together

At Advantage Financial Services Inc., our mission is to be your trusted partner in navigating the path to financial success. We believe in fostering a collaborative relationship where we work together to create comprehensive financial plans, ensuring that you are well-prepared for life's milestones and challenges.



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Financial Planning

Many people will offer you advice on which investments to buy. But there's more to your financial life than your RRSP.

Estate taxes, income taxes and education funds for your children are just some of the other complex aspects of your total financial picture.


Retirement Planning

For most Canadians, retirement is a major financial goal that requires considerable financial commitment.

Whether you have already established a Retirement Savings Plan or are just beginning, it is never too late to begin saving.


Estate Planning

Many people assume that estate planning is only for the wealthy.

So, it must come as a shock to the families of all the Canadians who die every year without a will when the province takes control of the estate to decide how the assets are to be distributed.


Tax Planning

Taxes are a fact of life. They affect every Canadian in most aspects of their lives.

Whether it's earning an income, making a purchase, owning real property, investing, running a business, or transferring your estate, life is full of taxable consequences that, if left unchecked, could consume an ever increasing amount of one's livelihood.


Portfolio Analysis

Careful portfolio analysis is necessary to ensure that you have the correct asset allocation according to your objectives and risk tolerance.

Long term investment returns are always directly determined by the types of assets held in an investor’s portfolio.


Insurance Analysis

Proper analysis is vital to ensure that you aren't paying too much for insurance and that you have the correct type of insurance for your needs.

The decision to buy insurance to protect against a certain risk is usually based on some determination that there aren't sufficient personal resources to cover the resulting financial loss.


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